Some Days Are Tougher Than Others

>> April 24, 2020

>> Blog Post #64

I just learned today that a friend of mine had decided to put a stop to his business preemptively in response to future laws being passed in his country of operations.

He did not do so because what he is doing is illegal. He took that hard decision because he felt he did not want to be morally corrupt, to resort to doing things to his customers that he did not believe in. This takes some kind of guts. And I’m telling you most people would not do that. Respect.

It also took me a couple hours testing some hardware and setting up various accounts here and there to test new services.

Another friend of mine and myself also discussed several bugs we keep encountering in an app we use a lot and that is supposed to be one of the best in the biz….

It’s these days you see just how far you are from what you envision would be a better – yet realistic – future.

I think it’s good to let some doubts assail you once in a while. It keeps you grounded and humble. It also lets you realize how much work there will be to put in and how tough some situations will be. It won’t be easy. But we’ve signed up for it.

Stay strong, follow what you think is right, not what people say is. And support people who you care about.

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Laws Come & Go – Morals Remain

>> January 4, 2020

>> Blog Post #4

Laws come and go

Morals stay

Or at least they have a better chance at posterity.

Seems like the palpable discontent that people have in a lot of countries these days is targeted at governments or very large corporations.

This corrupt politician, this cheating chief executive something. You’ve all heard these stories. Worse, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and needless to say most of us know that a large majority of these people get away with what you and I could not.

Sometimes the stories are even more complicated. With people getting away with what you feel is wrong, deep down inside of you. Yet somehow, whatever they have done is not condoned by law.

This is where personal values and morality are important. Not the bullshit kind put out by PR professionals on behalf of well-paying companies in need of a little reputation brush-up. No. Personal values. What you stand for. What you are willing to accept. What you would agree to do or accept be done to you.

And sometimes, when corruption becomes rampant in society, when the powerful feel they can live according to different standards than you or me, you have to think hard about what is accepted by law and what is right.

I feel that the gap between what is right and what is legal is widening. I think it’s a sign of the times. And I strongly believe that in these times, it is important to focus on what feels right.

Think of it. At some point of time, slavery was legal.

Try to take a look at the world today and at your life. Think about it for a week or two while you read the news or listen to stories you hear at work of at dinner time. Is this right? Do I agree with it? And if you don’t think about what you feel you should be doing.

People around the world are standing up for very different reasons. But it often comes down to fighting for what is right.