Hello World

>> Hello World!

>> My name is Elledub

Today is January 1st, 2020 and I am starting something new.

This space is an adventure, a break with the past. I will use it as a working tool.

I will use this personal space, to collect my thoughts and formalize them into words. I envision this being useful in increasing clarity around my life as I will put some effort into defining what I think about a vast array of topics. This should allow me to navigate a new life trajectory that I chose for myself several months ago as I make a conscious push to align beliefs and actions. In other words, I would like to increase my skin in the game.

A direct corollary of this is that I wish to use this site as a space where I will be creating content in my name – or actually to be exact, in my pseudonym. It is not something that I have done in the past, being too focused on being a good employee and living according to the golden rules of “this is the way things are done” while knowing deep down that I didn’t agree with all this bs….

I have been thinking about how I wanted to approach of all this for a few months now and have come to believe that what I hope to create here might actually be of interest, maybe even beneficial, to others. The number of people thinking about their lives and wondering what to do is staggering. You can feel many, if not most, would like a change for the better. Yet a very little minority takes those steps. People are afraid.

I have stopped being afraid because I am convinced there is not much at risk in following a new path. I am actually 100% convinced that the risk lies in not changing. Hopefully this space will be some kind of testimony, that it is possible, not that hard and hugely beneficial to listen to that little voice in your head that keeps saying “what am I doing here?”.

We aspire to more

And I am personally set on getting more